German Home Made Apricot Jam

German apricot jam is a delicatessen! It is some work, yes, but the taste will reward you. There is nothing better than a home made jam. You can smell and taste the fruit, there is no other jam to compare with. I had the chance this year to pick apricots from a tree that is growing in the front yard of my friends home, and these apricots where the best apricots I ever had. So is the jam – just delicious. The apricots need to be ripe! That is a must. If their are not ripe you won’t be able to peel them, and this is necessary. If you have time and passion for home made foodies, try this German recipe. Happy Cooking! Find authentic German recipes at

apricot jam

Ingredients German Apricot Jam (makes 3 jars)

1kg apricots, ripe and fresh (makes 375 g fruit)
375 g German Gelierzucker or organic sugar and fruit pectin
Some drops almond Flavor (Bittermandeloel) or orange flavor – optional
1 tbsp lemon zest
1 tbsp lemon mint

Cooking Instructions German Apricot Jam
Before you start sanitize the jars – I always use my dish washer. But you also can bring water in a big pot to a boil and place the jars in the water. Then place them upside down on a clean kitchen cloth and let them dry.
– Place apricots in a bowl and pour boiling water over them. Let them soak for 5 minutes. Then drain the water and pour cold water over them so the skin can be taken off easily with a small kitchen knife. That’s why ripe apricots are the best, you can peel them easily.
– Cut them in half, remove pit.
– Weigh them so you get 750g, place the fruit into a big kitchen pot.
– Add sugar then puree them with a hand blender (mixer stick).
– Bring the fruit to  a boil and from that point on let it boil for 4 minutes or longer depending what sugar you are using. Always make the test if the jam is becoming thicker: Place some jam on a spoon and wait until it has cooled off. If it has the desired thickness it is finished.
If you like add a shot dark rum – not for children – into the hot fruit.
– Pour the jam right away into the jars – remove foam with  a big spoon if necessary.
– Place jars for 1-2 minutes upside down (onto the lid), this seals them. Then turn them into the right position again.