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Austrian 30 seconds to Mars song

July 21, 2013 GW Administrator 0

Jared Leto, Hollywoodstar and “Thirty Seconds To Mars” frontman smilingly said to an Austrian paper that their Song “Up in the Air” is an Austrian song. After their final European show, which took place in […]


Marble Gugelhupf Cake

July 17, 2013 GW Administrator 13

The Marble Gugelhupf is a classic cake in Germany and in English you would call it Bundt Cake. You would use the special Gugelhupf form to make this German cake. The ingredients are well mixed […]

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Kafka’s 130th birthday

July 3, 2013 GW Administrator 0

„Als Gregor Samsa eines Morgens aus unruhigen Träumen erwachte, fand er sich in seinem Bett zu einem ungeheuren Ungeziefer verwandelt.“ “One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his […]