Heiko Mass – A New Foreign Policy for Europe

Heiko Maas delivering his speech at Postbahnhof in Berlin, © Thomas Imo/photothek.net

At his speech at the Postbahnhof, Heiko Mass proposed his new ideas for how Europe can positively affect change in the face of current global crises. He called for joint European action, saying: “Europe United! Given the current state of the world, Europe United is needed more than ever.”

“Europe needs a new, balanced partnership with the US,” the German Foreign Minister said, adding that “Our common response to ‘America First’ today must be ‘Europe United’!”

He went on to say that although the US remains Germany’s closest partner outside the EU, the transatlantic partnership needs readjustment. The aim should be to concentrate on working together where both sides’ values and interests are balanced. Europe should step up where the United States withdraws and form an assertive counterweight where the US overtly calls European values and interests into question. The first test of this approach will be the nuclear agreement with Iran, Maas said.

Read more on Germany’s Federal Foreign Office’s website.

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    ich bin unsagbar TRAURIG, dass GW nicht mehr erscheinen wird.
    I hope you will reconsider.
    It is such a BEAUTIFUL MAGAZINE!
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