It is our mission to help you discover German, Austrian and Swiss  culture in the US, inform you about interesting German-American businesses, careers, products and events, interconnect the various German-American communities on a national level, and promote German as a foreign language.

The website is complemented by our monthly electronic newsletter “GW eNews.”

GERMAN WORLD reaches a very desirable consumer group characterized by a high level of income and education as well as a considerable emotional affinity for products and services from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

GERMAN WORLD offers special advertising opportunities to businesses with a German, Austrian, or Swiss connection to:
• Target a highly desirable and loyal consumer segment
• Build an emotional connection to their brands, products and services
• Increase consumer affinity and repeat business
• Enhance their corporate and brand image and reinforce their values and roots


Please request our current Media Kit by contacting us at sales@german-world.com or by calling 1-877-963-9468

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  1. Hi George, Thank you for visiting http://www.german-world.com
    We are constantly adding new events to our event tips section and as much in advance as we possibly can.
    We will also add an event calendar this summer which can be updated by our website visitors and which will offer our website visitors more information. Please stay tuned.
    Your German World Team

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