Zurich – A Little Bit Closer to Heaven

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Most of you have probably arrived at Zurich airport, much applauded for its short ways, excellent public transport connection and a fantastic shopping and restaurant scene. But when did you last stop to visit the city of Zurich?

Only recently, did I have the opportunity and I am simply thrilled by the many opportunities that this city in the heart of Europe has to offer.
The arrival in Zurich airport is easy and breezy. City center is ten minutes from the airport. Buy a 24- or 72-hour Zurich card at the main railway station, a must for tourists.

We chose the famous hotel “Schweizerhof” for our stay, conveniently located across from the main train station and next to the famous “Bahnhofstrasse” with its excellent shopping opportunities but still a quiet oasis in the midst of the town center.
Built in 1876, the hotel was last renovated in 2007 with its historic, classicistic outside façade completely restored. The daily gourmet breakfast buffet is a good way to start your day leisurely and let’s you skip lunch. A dinner at the hotel’s Swiss-French restaurant „La Soupière”, however, should not be missed.

From here it is only a quick walk of 20 minutes to Old Town, where there are numerous cafes along Limmat River.
Stop at the „Oepfelchammer” (apple chamber), a traditional pub that was much frequented by Switzerland’s famous author Gottfried Keller. For a romantic escape from the city, hop on a 90-minute river cruise with nearby snowcapped mountains.

For a some cultural highlights, slip into St. Peter’s Church with the oldest clock face in Europe and a Giacometti stained-glass window. The Baroque and Gothic Fraumünster church offers an otherworldly experience where you can admire the five large stained-glass windows by Chagall. The twelfth-century Romanesque-style Grossmünster cathedral with its twin spires is also well worth a visit. Once you catch sight of the stunning city view, you won’t regret climbing the 200 steps of the church’s north tower. Here, you simply feel a bit closer to heaven.

For more information, visit Zurich Tourism: www.zuerich.com
For flight information on SWISS International Airlines: www.SWISS.com