Typeface wins FoodTech Award 2023

October 29, 2023 Lucy 0

Lugano/San Francisco – Typeface has been named as the winner of the FoodTech Award 2023. The start-up based in San Francisco will now have the opportunity to test its generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the […]


QL partners with Ginkgo Bioworks

October 18, 2023 Lucy 0

The Zurich-based food technology company QL is partnering with the biotechnology firm Ginkgo Bioworks from Boston, Massachusetts, to carry out a joint project aimed at the development of chassis organisms. As detailed in a press release, the listed US firm […]


Sleepiz One+ granted approval in the USA

October 12, 2023 Lucy 0

Zurich – The Sleepiz device for contactless remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs has been approved for use as a medical product by the US Food and Drug Administration. This means that the small […]


Amazon Web Services integrates Securosys solution

October 11, 2023 Lucy 0

Zurich/Seattle – Amazon Web Services is using a solution developed by the Zurich-based firm Securosys for encryption keys used in conjunction with its applications. The solution is designed to offer secure storage of encryption keys. […]


H55 starts construction of Canadian headquarters

October 11, 2023 Lucy 0

Sion/Longueuil – H55 has spades in the ground as construction of its new Canadian subsidiary gets underway. The new location for the pioneer of electric drives and batteries used in aircraft will house manufacturing, research, […]


Kemaro expands production and sales

October 10, 2023 Lucy 0

Eschlikon – The start-up Kemaro AG has been expanding its production capacities. Moreover, the robotics company has doubled its headcount since last year. Kemaro has now drawn up plans to expand in the USA. Kemaro AG, […]


Andreas Geistlich recognized in the USA

October 5, 2023 Lucy 0

Wolhusen/San Diego – Andreas Geistlich has received an award from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS). The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Geistlich Pharma in the canton of Lucerne collected […]