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Pakistan Flood Relief

August 30, 2010 GW Administrator 0

In keeping with the Council’s tradition of supporting humanitarian causes and helping the victims of disasters, our Council is planning to make a substantial contribution to Pakistan Flood Relief. This is a national disaster for […]

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Theodor Escherich discovered e.coli

August 28, 2010 GW Administrator 2

In 1885 German-Austrian pediatrician and university professor Theodor Escherich discovered the bacterium Escherichia coli, in short e.coli. He was awarded the doctorate in medicine in 1881 and only four years later made his major discovery. […]

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Queen Luise of Prussia

August 26, 2010 GW Administrator 0

The “Lady Diana” of the 19th century died 200 years ago. by Pia Reutter She is regarded as the “mother of the nation” and was celebrated as “the most beautiful of the beautiful”: Prussia’s Queen […]

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Christoph Schlingensief is dead

August 21, 2010 GW Administrator 2

Christoph Schlingensief, hope and enfant terrible of Germany’s theater scene died August 21st in Berlin. He battled lung cancer for over two years. The artist directed plays, movied, operas, most renowned the annual Richard Wagner […]

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Al Gore and German energy comments

August 18, 2010 GW Administrator 2

Al Gore posted the following comments on his blog and wrote that the failure of Congress to act is already costing our nation billions of dollars: “Alternative energy investment prospects have shriveled in the United […]

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Angelina and August

August 18, 2010 GW Administrator 0

Angelina Jolie and August Diehl at the German premiere of “SALT” in Berlin August 18th 2010 Also read our previous article: August Diehl plays Angelina’s husband