An Austrian Favorite: Sacher Torte

Original Sacher Torte
Original Sacher Torte


Six eggs (separated), 130 g butter, 130 g chocolate, 130 g flour, 200 g sugar, chocolate icing, apricot jam.


Stir half of the sugar into the butter until stiff, then briefly stir in the egg yolks and the liquid-but-still-luke-warm chocolate. Mix and beat the egg whites and the rest of the sugar into a meringue. Mix both masses, while carefully adding the flour. The combination should be neither too liquid nor too firm, but should have the approximate consistency of the meringue. Bake in a medium oven. The cake should be well cooled before glazing, so it is a good idea to prepare it a day in advance. Round off the upper edges of the cake with a knife. Spread the top and sides with a thin covering of hot jam, then cover with chocolate icing.

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Das Pfund: A metric pound = 500 grams = 1.1 U.S. pounds