Goulash Soup

Goulash soup is a traditional soup for New years Eve or “Silvesterabend” in German, the night where people everywhere are celebrating the last hours of the old year. The goulash soup is also called midnight soup or “Mitternachtssuppe” because it will be served after midnight when the New Year has begun. This is tradition on every German NYE party.
But the Goulash soup is also a very popular soup in Germany throughout the year. You can get it as a snack or as fast food from the booths on the street or tat Take Aways.  Mostly you would eat it with a German bun, a Broetchen. French baguette with butter is the alternative if you cannot get the German bread.

1,5 kg stew meat (pork and beef mix or just beef)
1 kg potatoes
2 small cans kidney beans (optional)
4-6 tbsp tomato puree (from can or tube)
6 red onions
2 red pepper, 2-3 garlic gloves
1 bundle soup greenery (celery, leek, carrots)
4 l beef broth
2 cups red wine
some butter or ghee
Spices: salt, black pepper, sweet and mild paprika powder (at least 2-3 tbsp), caraway seeds (optional), Worcester sauce (optional)
1-2 bay leaves
1-2 tbsp tomato ketchup
heavy cream (1-4 tbsp) (optional)
flour (1-2 tsp)

Cooking Instructions Goulash Soup
– Cut the meat in small pieces; chop onions and garlic gloves; wash and chop the soup greenery in smaller pieces.
– In a big pot melt butter or ghee, add the onions and garlic, fry them briefly, then add meat and after 1 minute the soup greenery, all on high heat until the pores of the meat are closed.
– Powder flour over it; add the tomato puree, and red wine plus the beef broth.
– Let it boil on low heat for 1-2 hours or even longer depending on the meat quality (the meat has to be very tender and soft).
– Peel potatoes and cut them in small cubes; red pepper as well.
– Add potatoes, pepper, and bay leave 15 minutes before the soup is done.
– Wash kidney beans and add them to the soup (5 minutes before it is done).
– Add spices; if the soup is too thick add more broth; if the soup is too thin add more tomato puree;
– Optional: add heavy cream at the end.
– Remove the bay leaves.

Serve with baguette bread

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