BMW and Layer3 TV to Re-invent Cable TV Experience

Cable TV set-top boxes are not generally among the home devices consumers are particularly proud of. In 2016, Layer3 TV, a Denver based innovative pay-TV distributor, announced that this should change and commissioned BMW Group subsidiary Designworks to re-think what a cable TV set-top box should be and how it should function. The new box unites excellence in engineering with a modern, modular design that fits into each room’s aesthetic. Customers are now offered both: a unique, intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates the best of cable TV, premium channels, streaming online video content, social media and smart home devices and a whole-home gateway that upgrades any living room.

Until recently set-top boxes provided by cable companies left a lot to be desired: With a limited color palette, ranging from black to black, an overall design that scarcely related to considerations of interior décor, flashing LEDs, vents that could not be covered, and an array of buttons, boxes up until today did not play an essential role in the user experience. To solve this problem, the Designworks team took a new approach to these overlooked but ubiquitous objects. It came up with a set-top box that can harmonize with a home dweller’s sense of place, creating a device defined by clean lines and a sleek, low profile that can slot into entertainment systems, bookshelves, or reside comfortably on a coffee table.

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