An Austrian favorite: ‘Die Wurstsemmel’

A ‘Kaisersemmel’ (Imperial bread roll). ‘Roll in the shape that the Emperor preferred’ –  is usually enjoyed in Austria with ‘Extrawurst’ (cold cuts).  Probably invented by a Viennese baker around 1750, the rolls are handformed and a five point star is cut in to get the extra crispy crust to ‘krachen’, when you bite into it.

The word ‘Semmel’ comes from the Latin ‘simila’ for wheat flour. The oldest ‘Semmel’ is 3000 years old and was found in a museum in Switzerland as an offering to the Gods.

‘Wurstsemmerl’ is the Viennese diminuitive of ‘Wurstsemmel’.

With or without “Gurkerl” (little Pickle) with Käse (Cheese) in some cases with „Kantwurst“ (Square Sausage) a Wurstsemmel is a delicacy!