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Looking for an Internship or Scholarship in Germany?

April 29, 2012 GW Administrator 4

    We compiled a list of helpful internet links for you:       Selection made by Yasmin Bar-Zemer […]

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April 29, 2012 GW Administrator 0

 Bothersome Similar Words Test pepared by Cecilia Cloughly, Ph.D.   Some American students stumble over the differences between its and it’s and to, too, and two. The  „Test Your German“ feature of this month looks […]

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New Books in German

April 24, 2012 GW Administrator 2

The Goethe Institut is very pleased to announce that the Spring 2012 issue of New Books in German is now available online. This marks the 31st edition of the publication dedicated to introducing the best […]

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Currywurst on 4 Wheels for Los Angeles

April 24, 2012 GW Administrator 0

New German food truck hits Los Angeles’ streets “Currywurst Truck of Los Angeles”, the latest addition to the German culinary scene in Tinseltown, is bringing Germany’s most famous street-food to LA.: THE CURRYWURST. The owner, […]