Vienna: Ninth District

Spotlight on the ninth district of Austria’s capital

Photo: Courtesy Vienna Tourist Board

Sigmund Freud’s consulting rooms and Franz Schubert’s birthplace, summertime bars on the banks of the Danube Canal, an artisanal chocolate factory, the university campus and Austria’s largest hospital: a portrait of Alsergrund, Vienna’s ninth district.

Vienna’s ninth district is sandwiched between the historic first district and the Gürtel, a busy thoroughfare that separates the inner and outer districts. The seventh smallest district in the city, also referred to as Alsergrund, was formed in 1850 by merging several suburban villages. Its name comes from the Als, a Bach or stream, which today runs below ground through a system of canals. This part of town is often referred to as well-heeled thanks to its late nineteenth century Gründerzeit era apartment buildings. Sigmund Freud kept his private apartment and consulting rooms at Berggasse 19, the Baroque Gartenpalais Liechtenstein was used to display the prince’s art collection and the Lycée Français de Vienne holds its lessons in French.