German President Gauck visits Barack Obama

obamaGauck_rescaledGerman Federal President Joachim Gauck will be in the United States from October 5-7. He will have meetings at the White House and attend the Day of German Unity celebrations in Washington, DC. President Gauck has been Germany’s Head of State since 2012. The President of Germany is not the Head of Government – that position is currently held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel – but the role does come with certain political clout and reserve powers. President Gauck is responsible for appointing the Federal Chancellor and awarding honors on behalf of Germany, among other duties.

President Gauck’s visit to the US and meeting with US President Barack Obama highlights the continued importance of the US-German partnership, which has not wavered since October 3, 1990. “The President looks forward to discussing ways to build on this partnership in the pursuit of common values and shared strategic and economic goals,” said the White House press release.