German Roast Beef

October 10, 2019 GW Administrator 0

Rinderbraten or German Roast Beef is a typical dish for Sunday lunches, birthday dinners or any festive occasion. It is always served with gravy, comes with side dishes such as Brussels sprouts (or cauliflower with […]


German Chervil Soup

April 1, 2017 GW Administrator 0

German Chervil Soup or Kerbelsuppe in German – Chervil is a delicate culinary herb used in the German and general European cuisine. It has a mild flavor with a tiny hint of anise; the leaves are […]


IL: Kulturküche- Maultaschensuppe

May 30, 2015 GW Administrator 0

German Cooking Class – German Ravioli Soup Maultaschensuppe is a really tasty meat and spinach filled dumpling served in a light chicken broth with vegetables. Students will learn how to make this gastronomic specialty originating […]