Pichelsteiner Bavarian Stew

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This recipe has tradition, the Pichelsteiner Bavarian Stew.  It is one of the popular soup or stew (Eintopf) recipes from Germany, and this one is from Bavaria. It is very easy to do: Cut all ingredients in small pieces, mix them in a big pot, and let cook. Everything will boil nicely until it is done. This recipe has also a history which can be traced back more than a 100 hundred years.

In the little village of Grattersdorf deep in the Bavarian Forest, there was the Gasthaus (inn) of the lady “Auguste Winkler” who is to be said the originator of this recipe. It was named after the “Büchelstein”, a mountain of 832 m height, where on a nearby meadow, a yearly fest was celebrated. Supposedly the Eintopf was created for that special fest.  It was ideal for outside cooking, easy to do, and because it was so delicious, it became very popular. So at first it was the Büchelsteiner stew, and developed time after time as the letter “ü”  changed to “i” to the Pichelsteiner.

Since 1874 the people from the village “Regen” gather yearly for a religious Holiday called “the Kirchweihfest” and they are all enjoying the Pichelsteiner stew. Until today this is a celebration called “The Pichelsteiner Fest”. The recipe was mentioned in a cooking book the first time in 1894. This is quite some tradition, don’t you agree? Happy Cooking!



2-4 tbsp lard or clarified butter
1/2 pound of each:
boneless shoulder of lamb – boneless beef chuck – boneless veal – boneless pork
2.5 cups cold water
1.5 cups green cabbage
2 cups carrots
1 cup of each: celery, fresh beans, celery root, parsnips, leeks
1/2 cup of each: kohlrabi, green peas (fresh or frozen), chopped onions
black pepper, salt to taste
1/4 pound bone marrow (optional – it can be difficult to purchase bone marrow)
3 medium sized potatoes


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