Nuclear Reactor in Switzerland Shut Down Because of Oil Leak

Swiss Nuclear Reactor Beznau2 - Photo: Courtesty AXPO

As Deutsche Welle reports, the world’s oldest nuclear reactor – Beznau 2 located in the Swiss town of Döttingen –   has been switched off for cable repairs. Beznau 2 lies near Germany and draws cooling water from a Rhine River tributary.

An oil leak in a cable duct in a “non-nuclear part” of Beznau’s reactor had prompted the shutdown on August 4, 2017, said the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI).

AXPO, the firm that operates Switzerland’s Beznau at Döttigen, near the German border town of Waldshut, said repairs would take some days. ENSI said once checked, the reactor would be restarted.