Brutal Heat and Flooded Streets


Germany is experiencing the effects of climate change stronger than ever before

According to the latest report by Deutsche Welle, brutal heat and flooded streets have marked the summer of 2017 in Germany.

There were images from Berlin of a man on his paddle board on a flooded city street, subway staircases that look like waterfalls and a bus plowing through deep water as if it were a motorboat.

Berlin, just like many other cities in Germany, have been confronted with extreme weather over the last several weeks. So far the summer has been, at least in terms of weather, one thing above all: extreme. As a result, the German Meteorological Service (DWD) declared July 2017 the rainiest month Germany has seen since measurements thereof began back in 1881. For climate researchers, such extremes are evidence that climate change is affecting everyday life. That means that summer will now be a roller-coaster of hot, humid days and heavy rainfall.

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