Netflix’s First Original German Series Coming December 2017

December 1st marks the next step in the German television revolution with the online premier of ‘Dark’- the first ever original German Netflix series.

For decades, it seemed the German film and television industries were stuck in a rut, turning time and again to the Nazis and the Cold War as the focus of gritty dramas.

But the landscape has begun to change, kick-started by the October premiere of Sky Germany’s ‘Babylon Berlin’, a glitzy 1920’s crime series which holds the title of ‘most expensive non-English drama series ever made’.

Now with Netflix’s supernatural crime-drama ‘Dark’ available from December 1st, the new dawn for German television continues.

‘Dark’ is a fitting name for the gruesome series. Though it has been tipped as Germany’s answer to ‘Stranger Things’, its target audience is considerably more ‘grown-up’, with the focus on crime and drama, rather than sci-fi adventure.

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