Mercedes-Benz and ELLE Present Callisti at New-Look MBFW


On 16th and 17th of January 2018, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) will be held in Berlin at the initiative of the automotive manufacturer featuring a new look and a new location, the ewerk. The event is organized by creative agency NOWADAYS. On the evening of the first day, Viennese designer Martina Mueller-Callisti will present the new autumn/winter collection of her “Callisti” label at the invitation of Mercedes‑Benz and fashion magazine ELLE. The show is part of both brands’ campaign to promote young talent and will take place on Tuesday, 16 January 2018, at 8 p.m. at the ewerk in Berlin, access from Wilhelmstrasse 43.

In her native Austria, the designer Martina Mueller-Callisti long since ceased being an unknown. Since 2007, the Callisti label has stood for puristic, extravagant and urban fashion. In 2012, a fashion line for men was added to the women’s collection. The designer’s gaze is at all times focused on a self-assured look combining charisma with elegance and sensuality.

At the MBFW in January, Mercedes-Benz and ELLE will present Callisti for the first time in Berlin as part of their joint campaign to promote young talent, which has been successful for a number of years. The 2018 autumn/winter collection will be dominated by puristic-futuristic looks, muted colors and loving attention to detail. “I’m in the process of taking a virtual stroll back through the last decade of my life and creative work in order to let it all flow into the new collection, something that has especially moved and impressed me,” says Mueller-Callisti. “My aim is to create a best-of that does not miss out on the present, with a zeitgeist that already incorporates the tomorrow.”