ME: Film – Mountain Miracle – An unexpected Friendship

Amelie (13) is a genuine big-city brat and probably the most stubborn girl in all of Berlin. Amelie doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do, least of all her parents, who ship her off to a specialized medical clinic in the mountains after an asthma attack. Exactly what Amelie doesn’t want. But instead of accepting help at the clinic, she runs off to a place where no one would expect to find her: the top of the mountain. In the middle of the Alps she meets a quirky boy named Bart. When this unsolicited companion saves her life, Amelie realizes that Bart is a lot cooler than she first thought. Together, they take off on an adventurous journey of life-affirming spirit and true friendship.
Director: Tobias Wiemann
Germany, Italy. 2016
Blu Ray, 97 min.

Date: Thu, 02/28/2019
Time: 05.30 PM
Location: PORTLAND MUSEUM OF ART, Seven Congress Square, Portland, ME

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