May 22: Swiss Touch in Wine and Tech: Webinar on Swiss and American Winemaking

The Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco is hosting its first webinar, “Swiss Touch in Wine & Tech.” The panel discussion welcomes four Swiss-American experts to discuss the future of technology and use of the drones in the winemaking industry and the differences between the Americans and the Swiss in their approaches.

The webinar is free. Make sure to register to receive the link, to be released on May 22. 2020.

This event will be pre-recorded, but you have a chance to ask your questions upon registration. We will also have a raffle for our participants to receive a special gift from the Consulate General. More details on the raffle in the registration link.


The Panelists: 

Jean Hoefliger, Consulting Winemaker

Born in Switzerland, Jean began his career working for his godfather, who owns one of Europe’s oldest wineries in Epesses, Switzerland. After gaining some solid experience in Switzerland, Bordeaux, and South Africa, Jean successfully made his way through the business, art, and science of winemaking. Based in California, he currently works as a winemaker and a consultant in winemaking with various wineries across California and even abroad, with projects in Italy, France, and Spain.

Jodoc Elmiger, Business Development Manager

Since 2018, Jodoc has been working for Aero41, a Swiss start-up bringing together a team of experts in the fields of flying robotics, aviation, and advanced applications in the commercial civil drone sector.
European pioneers in the development of drones dedicated to crop protection as well as frames with high carrying capacity, the Aero41 team is committed to constantly improving its products to bring added value in terms of the environment and safety of users

René Schlatter, CEO of Merryvale Family of Wines

A native of Switzerland, René was first in the US in 1987. In 1994, René moved to the US to work with Merryvale and in 2008, he became the CEO and proprietor of the large winemaking company.
René and his family are very committed to protecting and preserving the Napa Valley for future generations using sustainable practices. Both of Merryvale’s estate vineyards are Napa Green Farm certified.

William Metz, Precision Vine CEO

Originally from California, William moved to Switzerland to do research at HES-SO University. There he focused on drone applications in vineyard management while earning a Master degree. He is now the founder of Precision Vine, Swiss start-up with a focus on improving wine quality.
Precision Vine works with growers and winemakers to collect and analyze remote-sensing data and assist in integrating the information acquired into specific management plans. They offer high-resolution aerial imaging and associated vineyard specific data services to address irrigation management, harvest planning, disease mapping, nutrition needs, maturation curve, and more.
The Moderator: 

Dava Guthmiller, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Noise 13

Dava is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Noise 13, a branding and design agency that focuses on lifestyle brands. She has over 20 years of experience in leading strategy and design projects with clients such as Uber, Twitter, Pacific Catch, and Paso Wine.
Dava is also a board member of Slow Food California and advisor for Good Food Awards. She has been featured in publications such as HOW, Communication Arts, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Print Magazine.