German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld dies age 85

The French fashion house Chanel on Tuesday confirmed that the German-born designer Karl Lagerfeld had died at the age of 85. 

Lagerfeld held a number of top jobs in the fashion world and had an almost unprecedented influence on the industry.W

Karl Lagerfeld was born into a wealthy family on September 10, 1933. Young Karl and his sister lived with their mother and father; who was a canned milk manufacturer, in Hamburg’s Blankenese district, home to aristocrats, pretty villas and well-kept parks.

All that changed for Lagerfeld when Hamburg was bombed in July 1944, as the family moved to their estate in Schleswig-Holstein. It was there, in the countryside, that he spent half of his childhood, though his urban origins, affinity for unusual clothing and his long hair made him stand out among the country kids.

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