German army orders 367 military lorries from arms maker Rheinmetall

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Germany’s Bundeswehr has placed an order for 367 military lorries worth more than €285 million ($311 million) with arms manufacturer Rheinmetall, the company said Thursday.

Delivery should take place by this autumn, Rheinmetall said in Duesseldorf.

In 2020, the procurement office of the Bundeswehr and Rheinmetall concluded a framework agreement that earmarked orders for 4,000 trucks – called swap body systems (WLS) – and is valid until 2027.

A good 600 of the military lorries have already been delivered.

The trucks are used to transport, for example of spare parts, ammunition, fuel, food and water.

The Bundeswehr order also includes 1,830 load carriers, so-called swap body platforms. There are many more load carriers than vehicles because there are always several load carriers in circulation.

A truck can drive up, unload a flatbed and freight and then quickly pick up another waiting flatbed and load.

The loading and unloading of load carriers is automated – the crew can therefore remain in the armoured driver’s cab, where they are better protected in combat.

Military trucks are a bestseller for the armaments group. Rheinmetall lorries are also in use in Britain, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary and Denmark.


Courtesy of dpa