AI: EU holds crunch talks on landmark regulation

December 6, 2023 Lucy 0

The European Union is seeking a deal on rules to regulate artificial intelligence. Disagreements remain on issues such as biometric surveillance, but the bloc’s status as an AI regulation pioneer is at stake. Talks began […]


Germany: 20-hour rail strike leads to major disruption

November 16, 2023 Lucy 0

Germany’s rail system will be severely disrupted as the GDL train drivers union strikes, leading railway operator Deutsche Bahn to cut services. Germany’s GDL train drivers union began a nationwide 20-hour strike on Wednesday evening until Thursday. […]


Germany plans easing asylum-seekers’ access to labor market

November 2, 2023 Lucy 0

New legislation would allow successful asylum-seekers in Germany quicker access to the job market, while mandating stiffer punishment for people smugglers. Germany’s government has been under pressure on migration. Germany’s Cabinet on Wednesday approved legislation that would allow asylum-seekers to […]


Typeface wins FoodTech Award 2023

October 29, 2023 Lucy 0

Lugano/San Francisco – Typeface has been named as the winner of the FoodTech Award 2023. The start-up based in San Francisco will now have the opportunity to test its generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the […]


Music unites Israelis, Palestinians in Berlin

October 25, 2023 Lucy 0

At the Barenboim-Said Academy in the German capital, young Israeli and Arab musicians study together. The Hamas attacks on Israel happened just before the start of a new semester. How did they react? “The first […]


Israel-Hamas war impacts Frankfurt Book Fair

October 18, 2023 Lucy 0

As the Frankfurt Book Fair prepares to open its doors on Wednesday to around 6,000 media representatives, current developments in Israel and Gaza are impacting the world’s largest publishing trade event. Repercussions could already be felt last Friday when the organizers of […]