Ukraine updates: Kyiv and Moscow exchange POWs

January 3, 2024 Lucy 0

Russia and Ukraine exchanged prisoners of war after UAE mediation in the first significant swap since August. Meanwhile, Russia says it has downed 12 Ukrainian missiles over the Belgorod region. DW has the latest. Russia and Ukraine announced […]


EU launches probe into Elon Musk’s X platform

December 19, 2023 Lucy 0

X, formerly Twitter, is suspected of having failed to counter illegal content and disinformation, an EU commissioner said about the infringement proceedings. The EU seeks to tackle big tech firms under new regulations. The European […]


AI: EU holds crunch talks on landmark regulation

December 6, 2023 Lucy 0

The European Union is seeking a deal on rules to regulate artificial intelligence. Disagreements remain on issues such as biometric surveillance, but the bloc’s status as an AI regulation pioneer is at stake. Talks began […]