Futuristic Sounds and the Seating Comfort of Modernity

Saxony, a long-established centre of art and culture, celebrates the Bauhaus Year with numerous exhibitions and events related to modernism. In the southeast Germany, the diversity of design is tangible everywhere, and in March, the Free State of Saxony will set exciting accents on themes that have not yet received much attention: from interior design to typography to music at the Bauhaus.

From the opening festival in Berlin to the Performa Biennial in New York, in 2019 many institutions are celebrating Oskar Schlemmer as the inspired director of the Bauhaus stage. The Bauhaus master was also an active painter throughout his life, and his extraordinary achievements in the realms of fine art and interior design are currently on view at an exhibition in Leipzig’s St. Nicholas Church. It is not for nothing that the Rabe House in Zwenkau, Saxony, built by Adolf Rading and now the centre of an exhibition, is considered a “highlight of Bauhaus architecture”. Its futuristic interior design owes much to designs by Schlemmer, who was also responsible for the legendary stairway in the Weimar Bauhaus.\

The exhibition “Hellerau – The Idea of the Synthesis of the Arts”, about the modernist triad of work, life and art that was also espoused by the Bauhaus, was originally developed through the initiative of the tradition-steeped Deutscher Werkbund Sachsen. It was created in 2006 in honour of “100 years of Hellerau” and has been expanded and updated continuously ever since. In celebration of the big Bauhaus anniversary, it has now found a permanent home on the grounds of the Hellerau Festival Theatre, where it can be seen free of charge until 6 pm every day.

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