Black Forest Muffins filled with Cherries

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If you love the German Black Forest cake you will love these Black Forest Muffins filled with cherries. It’s the alternative for a cake, and they are very easy to make. The usage of the German Kirschwasser or -schnaps is optional, alternatively add some rum flavor. Enjoy with a cup of German coffee. Happy Baking!

Ingredients Black Forest Muffins

(makes 12 muffins)
100 g butter
50 g bitter sweet chocolate, chopped
130 g sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1 dash salt
180 g flour
3 tbsp cocoa, unsweetened
100 ml milk
½ jar sour cherries – about 300 g
2 tbsp corn starch
1 tbsp Kirschwasser (schnaps), optional – or rum flavor
400 ml heavy cream
1 package whip it, optional
1 package vanilla sugar
2 tbsp grated chocolate
12 muffin paper forms


Baking Instructions Black Forest Muffins

Make Base Cake for Muffins
– Pre-heat oven 180 C / 360 F.
– Place paper forms into a muffin tray.
– Using double boiler method melt butter together with chopped chocolate.
– Set aside and let cool off a bit.

– Add sugar to the chocolate cream, beat until bubbly, then add eggs one after the other.
– Combine flour with salt, baking powder and cocoa.
– Sieve to the chocolate cream, add milk, mix with a spatula.
– Pour dough into muffin forms and bake for 20 min.
– Let them cool off.
– With a apple core remover (for example) or a teaspoon cut a wedge out of the muffin’s middle. Here you will add the cherry filling, so it should be big enough.


Enjoy! Guten Appetit! Find more yummy German recipes on Gabriele’s blog