Azureus composed by Edwin Wendler

Azureus Rising is a CG “proof of concept” for a planned feature film trilogy which tells the story of a young man who, after escaping death and enduring a life-changing journey, matures into a heroic freedom fighter. Azureus Rising is an epic tale of self discovery, obligation, and love against all odds. The YouTube video has received more than 500,000 hits so far and is generating some serious buzz for director David Weinstein, who recently signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

Austrian composer Edwin Wendler delivered an exciting, action-packed score of epic proportions, perfectly accompanying the stunning visuals created by David Weinstein and his team of CG animators. As a Vienna Choir Boy, Edwin Wendler toured Europe, the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia from 1986 to 1989, singing in hundreds of concerts and dozens of opera performances.

Download the Soundtrack for free on the artists’ website.  It includes a suite of alternate versions and a 6-page digital booklet featuring an interview with composer Edwin Wendler.