Amazon Web Services integrates Securosys solution

Amazon Web Services relies on a security solution from Securosys. Image provided by Securosys
Zurich/Seattle – Amazon Web Services is using a solution developed by the Zurich-based firm Securosys for encryption keys used in conjunction with its applications. The solution is designed to offer secure storage of encryption keys.

With the AWS Key Management Service, the Amazon subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS) is offering its customers the opportunity to create and control encryption keys for AWS services. To this end, AWS has recently turned to a new security solution offered by the Zurich-based firm Securosys.

According to a press release issued by Securosys, the Securosys External Key Store is being integrated in the AWS Key Management Service. This means that the encryption keys can be securely stored in the hardware security modules (HSM) provided by Securosys.

HSMs generate, store and manage access to digital keys. Critical information is not stored on servers, but rather in specially secured hardware systems. The HSM solutions developed by Securosys are also used to protect the Swiss banking system SIC and the SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, as well as blockchain and crypto asset solutions, and public key infrastructure systems.

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