Attention Foodies: September 9th is National Wienerschnitzel Day!

Wiener Schnitzel

WienerSchnitzelDayEvery year on September 9th, foodies everywhere celebrate National Wienerschnitzel Day! This popular Austrian dish is made of a large, boneless veal cutlet which is dipped in a batter of egg yokes, then rolled in bread crumbs and finally fried to perfection in sizzling butter. According to some web sources, the appellation “Wienerschnitzel” is protected by Austrian law, which states that any dish called “Wienerschnitzel” must be made from the traditional veal.

Wienerschnitzel is traditionally served with lettuce salad, cucumber salad, or potato salad, and sometimes with parsley potatoes. A slice of lemon usually accompanies the schnitzel. Rice, roasted or mashed potatoes and French fries have also become popular side dishes.

Variations of this traditional Austrian-German comfort food exist in many cultures throughout the world. Wienerschnitzel can be compared to country fried steak (also known as chicken fried steak). However, these variations tend to use pork or chicken instead of the German veal/pork. Many other cultures have their versions of fried, breaded meat cutlets (Cotoletta alla Milanesa from Italy or Tonkatsu from Japan) with sauces and gravies.

How does one celebrate National Wienerschnitzel Day? Go out on Friday, September 9th to a German restaurant, such as the Jagerhaus German Restaurant in Anaheim, and order some delicious schnitzel! Make sure to post a photo of your meal on Facebook and Instagram with #wienerschnitzelday.

The Jagerhaus German Restaurant is located at 2525 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, California 92806. Call (714) 520-9500 or visit their website to make a reservation!