Visit Stuttgart’s Pig Museum!

Countless plush pigs are presented in the pig museum in Stuttgart, Germany, 13 May 2015. The Stuttgart pig museum shows, according to the museum's information, more than 50,000 lucky pigs, piggy banks and cuddle pigs. Photo: WOLFRAM KASTL/picture-alliance

Rooms filled floor to ceiling with plush pig toys, hundreds of piggy banks on display – the Pig Museum in Stuttgart is definitely a far cry from the “usual” museum visitors to Germany would probably go visit. Conceptualized by Erika Wilhelmer, the owner of the museum and an avid pig paraphernalia collector, the museum began in a converted slaughterhouse in 1988. Over the years, Erika’s collection grew – and in 1992 the Guinness Book of World Records declared it the world’s largest pig museum. Once the museum had reached 40,000 pig items, it was relocated to its current location in Stuttgart.

Whether you are an avid pig fan, a kid looking to have fun in a museum, or someone who is interested in learning about all of the different species of pigs that exist, look no further than Stuttgart’s Pig Museum!

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