US-EU Organic Trade: High Standards and Big Opportunities

Earlier this month, the German Chamber of Commerce organized an organic multi-city transatlantic dialogue on agriculture in Germany and Austria in collaboration with the Foreign Agricultural Service of the USDA office in Berlin. From August 9-11, speakers from the U.S. organic sector as well as two representatives from the Organic Trade Association traveled to Berlin, Munich, and Vienna as a TTIP outreach program to emphasize the United States’ commitment to the organic market. Participants met with representatives of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, German farmers and the private sector.

Under the title “US-EU Organic Trade: High Standards and Big Opportunities”, the three day event kicked off at the US-Embassy in Berlin with a presentation on the popularity of organic goods in the United States. Germany and the United States are the two biggest markets for organic products and both countries have seen a continual rise in the consumption of organic products nationwide. Demand in Germany and the United States is so high that both are inclined to import a large percentage of their organic goods. American consumers bought $43.3 million worth of organic products in 2015, a figure that has risen yearly since 1997 when it accounted for only $3.6 million. In comparison, sales in Germany’s organic market hover around 9 million euro and makes up about 30% of the domestic food market. In addition to increasing demand, both countries are continually concerned most about safe and environmentally sound food.

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