TV Tip: Obama at Germany’s Protestant Church Congress in Berlin

Former US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Merkel at the “Evangelischer Kirchentag” in Berlin (Photo: Reuters Express/Fabrizio Bensch)

Germany’s protestant church secured a major coup for its “Evangelischer Kirchentag” ( Germany’s Protestant Church Assembly) this year: Former US President Barack Obama addressed the bi-annual assembly on May 25, 2017 to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which is the featured topic of the Protestant Church Germany this year and managed to line up many big names to make an appearance. It was Obama’s first official visit since leaving the presidency.


Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke in front of tens of thousands of people before the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to discuss God, faith and the state of the world. “We can not hide behind a wall” was one of the many, much applauded statements that Obama made in his speech.

Obama also praised Merkel’s “outstanding work” and described her as one of his “favorite partners” during his eight years in office. He lauded Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis, while at the same time reflected that he “didn’t always have the tools” to end the war in Syria.  “Despite our best efforts, there is a vicious war,” the former US President said.


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