Til Schweiger and his daughter

Another clip to brush up your German or to simply enjoy: Til Schweiger acts with his daughter Emma in Kleinohrhasen.

– Can you tie shoes?
Of course Come here, sit down, so. What should I tie, they don’t even have stings. But they are pretty, are they new?
– No, I have had the for five years.
Five years, were you born with them?
– You are funny.
Tell me what is your name actually?
– Cheyenne Blue.
Cheyenne Blue. That is unusual name.
– My mum is an actress and actresses are not allowed to give kids normal names.
Aha. And your dad is he an actor too?
– No, he is an asshole.
And now your mum has had enough of men.
– My mum says you can never have enough of men. Now she has a lot of new ones I am sure hundred or thousand.
And where does she get them from?
– From the theater where she works, she picks one and brings him home.
Your mum sounds really nice.
– But they don’t get breakfast at our place, only I get breakfast.
That’s good.