The Goethe-Institut to Award Two Week Grants to Germany

The Goethe-Institut is pleased to announce that two language grants will be awarded 2017! They will fly you to Germany and accommodate you! You will be participating in a 2-week language course in Oct., Nov., or Dec. 2017 (subject to course location/dates). Anyone who completes two full class cycles this year before Sept. 2017 is eligible.

You will take part in an Intensive 4 course for two weeks. At the start of your course they will ask you about your individual learning goals and follow up with ongoing support during the learning process. This results in tight integration of the classroom lessons, self-study activities and language practice.

If you would like to continue learning at a later date at the level you reached in this course, please get in touch with the Goethe-Institut. They are happy to advise you.

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