The DO School

Everyone talks about innovation: it’s where we look for solutions to the economic, societal, and environmental challenges of our time. But how can organizations and individuals become empowered to create social innovation in products, services, or business models? How can innovation benefit shareholders and society at large?

When consulting with global leaders, entrepreneurs, and scientists, the DO School founders Katherin Kirschenmann and Florian Hoffmann realized that a method was needed to enable people to create innovation and to drive “Good Business” – business that is humane, profitable, as well as sustainable. This method, they thought, should forego theory, and be taught through implementation and execution skills. Skills which empower individuals to identify and understand problems; the ability to provide a clear purpose to their passion, and to formulate, test and implement a solution. In the absence of any other organization that offered such skill-based training, Katherin and Florian launched The DO School in 2013.

Through the DO School Method, the school has empowered venture founders, students, recent high school graduates, as well as intrapreneurs from all over the world to turn their ideas into action. It has guided young entrepreneurs hailing from over 80 countries through the process of launching their own social impact ventures in their local communities. Projects range from providing sustainable lighting in rural Uganda to sexual health education for Kenyan schoolgirls or economic empowerment and psychosocial education for women and children in Colombia. The DO School has facilitated the creation of concrete innovation in the areas of sustainability, employment culture, refugee integration and much more for organizations including H&M, YouTube, Daimler, and the City of New York.

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