The 60th Annual German-American Steuben Parade of NYC

For the 60th year in a row, the biggest German-American parade will once again be hitting the streets of New York City. The German-American Steuben Parade, which will take place on September 16 of this year, is sure to be the most exciting yet, with 33 floats and over 2,000 attendees and marchers from Germany alone!

What exactly is the Steuben Parade, you may ask? It is a tradition steeped in history, starting in 1957 in Ridgewood, Queens, a predominantly German-American neighborhood. The enthusiasm was so overwhelming that just one year later, the Parade was moved from Myrtle Avenue to its current location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Since then, it has become a symbol of pride for German-American heritage. For over 30 years the Parade has been called The Steuben Parade, named after General Fredrick Wilhelm von Steuben, a patriot of the American Revolutionary War, who, next to George Washington, was instrumental in achieving victory for the Continental Army.

The parade will begin at noon at 68th and Fifth Avenue and will be led by this year’s two Grand Marshals: Admiral Manfred Nielson of the German Navy and Heinz Buck, the President of the German-American Cultural Council. Notable past Grand Marshals include former Nobel Peace Prize recipient and United States National Security Advisor and Secretary of State of State Dr. Henry Kissinger, two time Olympic ice skating champion Katarina Witt, and Fox 5 News reporter Linda Schmidt! Also attending will be this year’s Miss German-America, Caitlyn Walsh! She will hold a highly honored position in this year’s Parade, as she presides over the German-American Steuben Parade’s “Queen’s Float” on Fifth Avenue along with her Court.

After the parade, which will end around 2:30 p.m. at 86th and Fifth Avenue, an Oktoberfest will be held in Central Park. The most exciting event at this year’s Oktoberfest is the 7th Annual National Masskrugstemmen (Stein-Holding) Championship! Thirteen competitors from all over the United States will go head-to-head in a “strong-arm competition” for the right to be crowned the US National Champion. The winner receives a one week trip to Munich, Germany!

The Steuben Parade of NYC is one of the most anticipated German-American events of the year! If you are not able to attend, you can watch a livestream of the parade on September 16 at noon Eastern time by clicking here. If you are able to attend, please comment below with pictures and tell us all about your experience!

For the full schedule, including details about the German Mass that takes place before the parade and much more, visit

This year’s Steuben Parade is sponsored by Schlumberger, Hofbrau Munchen, Niche Import Company (Wine & Spirits), DINKELACKER, S.K.I. Beer, Ross bauch, Junghans, S&H, Merican Reisen, and FC Bayern Munich.