Siemens to abandon major role in atomic-power industry

Even if the mass media have their eyes on other catastrophes, Japans nuclear crisis is still unfolding and it is applaudable that Germany is reacting. According to the Handelsblatt the Munich based power player Siemens is rethinking its position in the atomic-power industry. Reportedly the internal decision is made and it is a question of principles.
Yet, the official statement is more cautious, political aspects as well as the catastrophe and Japan are taken into account. Siemens ended its partnership with the French company Areva, but recently connected with the state owned Russian Rosatom.
While other nuclear industry leaders General Electric Co., Toshiba Corp.’s Westinghouse Electric Co. have expressed confidence in the future of atomic power, the German company has been more cautious.
Atomic-energy business does not go with the companies green image as a leader in solar- and wind energy under CEO Peter Löscher.

Siemens also started the wonderful ANSWERS campaign and has an informative Youtube Channel for renewable energies.