Scorsese, DiCaprio and Classic Films

On the occasion of the director’s fourth collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island, which hits theatres this weekend, he let the LA Times know which movies he let his cast and crew watch to set the mood of this dark picture.

Come join us for film school with the master! Out of the six movies he suggested two have a German connection:
1949’s “Laura”, directed by Otto Preminger and Orson Welles’ 1962 film “The Trial” adapted from the Kafka classic “Der Prozeß”

The others are:

Jacques Tourneur’s 1947 “Out of the Past” and his 1942 “Cat People” 1945 “Isle of the Dead” produced by Lewton. As well as two short documentaries commissioned by the U.S. Army: “Let there be Light” and “The Battle of San Pietro”

Another connection of the outstanding filmhistorian and filmprotector Martin Scorsese is that he accepted to be honorary president of the Filmmuseum Wien. An institution led by the very dedicated Alexander Horwarth.

Read Scorseses’ comments on all the filmes at the LATimes website

Shutter Island is currently at the Berlinale:

60th Berlin International Film Festival - 'Shutter Island' Photocall

60th Berlin International Film Festival - 'Shutter Island' Photocall