Sandra Bullock speaks German presenting an Oscar

Sandra Bullock presented the Academy Award for Foreign Language Film in 2012 and used it to show off her comedic and linguistic skills.
“The Academy is trying something new year … Because there are over in 1.2 bn people in China , they have asked me to briefly speak about this category in Mandarin Chinese. One quick note, as my mother spoke German to us as we were growing up, my Chinese has a very slight German accent.”
Then the actress spoke German: “Egal in welcher Sprache sie sind, sind Filme ein gemeinsames Erlebnis, das uns alle verbindet. Sie sprechen ├╝ber die gemeinsame Humanit├Ąt, die uns alle verbindet.”

Interview about “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”


  1. this is the wrong video the video you are showing is sandra on the red carpet speaking to ryan seacrest

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