Oct 21-24, 2021 – Virtual Conference: GAC 2021 – The Future of Problem Solving 2022

For over ten years, the German American Conference has been one of the largest student-led conferences in North America and has provided a platform for transatlantic dialogue and connection between decision-makers and next-generation leaders. Each year our organizing committee, which consists of students and researchers from the Boston Area, hosts a three-day conference to engage our audience with the most pressing issues facing both sides of the Atlantic.

Block off your calendars on October 21–24 for Harvard University’s German American Conference 2021! Join leaders from across the world to gain insight and learn about The Future of Problem Solving: engage in lively discussions, networking, and exchanging diverse perspectives on the most pressing topics of our time with leaders and decision makers from both sides of the Atlantic.
For the first time, the conference also features a pre-program with GAC podcast episodes and streaming of carefully selected movies introducing critical topics as part of a film series — both ongoing now!


For more information please visit www.germanamericanconference.org