NY: Riverside Drive Revisited: Uwe Johnson’s New York until Nov. 30

 Don’t miss out the opportunity to celebrate the first complete English translation of Uwe Johnson’s magnum opus Anniversaries (New York Review Books, 2018) an installation in the public space of the Goethe-Institut New York will bring to life the New York of the 1960s as experienced by Uwe Johnson and his fictional creation Gesine Cresspahl, the main character of the novel.
In the installation you can relive time and place, the decisive elements of the novel. We invite you on a stroll through the New York of Uwe Johnson as well as through the newspaper headlines that accompanied Gesine through her daily life in November 1967.  We have also attempted to reconstruct Uwe Johnson’s personal library in New York in a special reading room area.  There are also digital displays in which you can look over the author’s shoulder as he writes his Anniversaries manuscript.  The more recent work of Damion Searls, who just translated this classic of German post-war literature into English, is also on display. The installation takes place as part of the series Riverside Drive Revisited: Uwe Johnson’s New York, which also includes a book launch and film screenings.
Date: 10/29-11/30/18
Time: Weekdays, 1:00-6:30pm
Price: Free admission
Location: GOETHE-INSTITUT NEW YORK, 30 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003
For more information please visit www.goethe.de