Movie at the German House New York: “Liberty Train – Next Stop Freedom“

Praque 1989: Liberty Train. Photo courtesy

The West-German Embassy in Prague finds itself the center of the world’s political stage. For weeks refugees from East-Germany have streamed onto the premises of the Palais Lobkowitz and its surrounding streets. Within days the fenced embassy compound transformed into a vast refugee camp. Wrapped up in blankets and living in tents, men and women, young and old and whole families waited for the politicians to act. A few belongings, memories of their past, and dreams of a better life in the West was all that they had with them.

It is at this moment that the feature length documentary “Liberty Tain – Next stop Freedom” begins. Composed from exclusive archival footage, reenactments and interviews with contemporary eye-witnesses; award winning directors Sebastian Dehnhardt and Matthias Schmidt tell the exceptional story of an exodus happening in front of the world’s eyes. The audience accompanies the refugees on their exhausting train-journey through communist East Germany towards the border of West-Germany and into a new life in the western world.

Location: German Consulate General, 871 UN Plaza, New York, NY

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