NY: 6th NTD International figure painting competition-finalists exhibition, Jan 8-19, 2024

Welcome to the Finalists Exhibition of the Sixth NTD International Figure Painting Competition (NIFPC)

NIFPC is one in a series of international arts and cultural events sponsored by NTD Television. The competition is a great opportunity for artists around the world to showcase their talents and revive the traditional art of realism oil painting.

As one of the top realism painting competitions, NIFPC has been highly acclaimed by artists worldwide. Attracted by the grand mission of promoting the pure beauty, pure goodness, and pure authenticity of traditional oil painting, hundreds of outstanding realism artists have submitted works that convey traditional values, and positive ideals such as beauty, compassion, and righteousness.

At this year’s Finalists Exhibition, we present you with 60+ award-winning realism paintings of 50+ Artists from 20+ Countries.

One of the finalists from Germany, Nugzari Novikoff painted and transferred a paiting of Wolfgang von Goethe from the past to the present, but also brought him from Frankfurt’s “Mainhattan” to Manhattan. You may purchase the painting and see it here www.novikoff.de


Event Details – From 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Location – Salmagundi Club, NY, NY, 10003

JAN 8 – 14 | Exhibition preview
JAN 15 | Opening ceremony, Artists registration
JAN 18 | Awards ceremony
JAN 19 | New album available

ADMISSION – Open to the public, RSVP required
For more information and RSVP, please visit www.salmagundi.org