Nina Franoszek is starring in Easy To Assemble

Illeana Douglas and Nina FranoszekGerman actress Nina Franoszek is starring opposite Ray Wise as Gala, a modern Good Witch of the North in the third season of Easy to Assemble -Finding North.

Easy to Assemble is an award winning web series created by and starring Emmy-Award-Winner Illeana Douglas. A Hollywood actress trying to quit acting and working for IKEA. The online sitcom earned multiple awards and was featured in the NY Times for it’s massive following of 1,5 million viewers each month.

The show, and it’s spin-off Sparhusen, features such Hollywood talent as Keanu Reeves, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Pollock, Robert Patrick, Glee’s Jane Lynch and in this season the comedy stylings of Craig Bierko and Corey Feldman, amongst many others.
Easy to Assemble, written and produced by Illeana Douglas (pictured on the left with Nina Franoszek by German photographer Volker Corell), directed by Michael Kang, starring Illeana Douglas, Corey Feldman, Craig Bierko, Justine Bateman,Patricia Heaton, Jason Butler Harner, Michael Hitchcock, Michael Irpino, Eric Lange, Wallace Langham, Robert Mailhouse, Mia Riverton, Fred Willard, Torsten Voges, Ray Wise and Nina Franoszek.

Watch Nina Franoszek online in Episode 4: Road to Uppsala & Episode 5: Almost Happy in the 3 season of EASY TO ASSEMBLE – FINDING NORTH:

Nina Franoszek is a German/ American actor of film, television and theater. She is a member of Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany’s Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and served as a juror for the international Emmy Awards in 2007 – 2011. She has won an Adolf Grimme Prize (Germany’s Emmy Award) and played a wide range of roles from tragedy to comedy in 19 feature films, and over 45 television movies & series. She is best known for her role in Buster’s Bedroom starring opposite Donald Sutherland & Geraldine Chaplin, The Pianist by Roman Polanski, and her guest star role Greta in the TV series Mad Men. Nina Franozek recently starred in “Scharfe Hunde” a German TV Comedy and is currently playing psychologist Ute Dannowski in the outstanding German Mini Series Weissensee in Berlin. Watch a clip of “Weissensee”

Weissensee is a cold war ‘Romeo and Juliet’ drama that grips Germany today. The tale of a Stasi officer who falls in love with a dissident in 1980s East Germany is hailed as the first TV show to truly reflect life in the GDR.

Trailer “Scharfe Hunde”

Nina Franoszek lives in Berlin and Los Angeles.