Niche Import Co. Adds Two More Italian Specialty Liqueurs

June 14, 2016

Niche Import Co. is pleased announce they have added two new Italian Specialties from Bepi Tosolini, a fourth generation family-owned company from the Friuli region of Italy, to their spirit portfolio: Limone & Exprè Liqueurs. Limone is an all-natural distillate and infusion of pure Italian lemons. Taste is slightly sweet with fresh lemon notes and hints of mint balm, mint and sage. Limone is full of aroma with a citrusy-acidic finish. Served perfectly chilled neat—or in a mixed cocktail to add a citrus flavor profile. Exprè is a fine infusion and distillate of Arabica coffee beans. Full of aroma and espresso taste with notes of soft vanilla and caramel, Exprè finishes with a delicate and persistent aftertaste. Deliciously served chilled, mixed with freshly brewed coffee or in a cocktail.

About Niche Import Co.:

At Niche Import Co., A Marussia Beverage Coompany, established in 1992, owns a mission to form strategic partnerships with international wine and spirit producers from around the world to import, define, find and maintain distribution channels for high quality specialty brands in the U.S. market.

We are determined to offer outstanding service and competitive pricing to our clients through a dedicated understanding of our brands, their history, the market and target end-user within each geographic region in order to give them the energy, focus, and resources they require to thrive and grow.

Quality in your glass; quality in life.  Drink responsibly.

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