Mount Angel Oktoberfest sets Records

The 49th Annual Mount Angel Oktoberfest ran from Sept. 11-14, 2014 in Mount Angel, OR.  Great weather and some new activities added to the festival helped to set financial and boost visitor volumes.

news_OktoberfestThe venues – Biergarten, Weingarten, Alpinegarten and Prostgarten were up in sales by 7.5% over the previous years.  Crowds were very good throughout the festival times. Thursday, Senior Day, boasted good crowds of elderly in the morning and early afternoon, giving way to cheerful younger groups in the evening hours.  Friday, while light as expected in the morning, picked up swiftly in the afternoon and evening, was recognizing guests who had served or were serving in the Armed Forces. Saturday started with the Oregon Marathon and Half-Marathon and the 5K and 10K fun runs, filling the streets early and moving into some very busy evenings for the venues and non-profit food booths lining the streets.  Sunday, the crowds stayed strong until about 7:00pm and then tapered off at 8:00pm. It is estimated that attendance was between 350,000 – 360,000 people, for the four days – a new record!