Medieval-Style Parade in Traunstein

April 1, 2016

travel easter_traunsteinAt precisely 10 a.m. on Easter Monday, hundreds of horses with colorful garlands parade through the center of the Upper Bavarian town of Traunstein. At that moment, the herald raises his baton, the air is filled with the sound of bells and the huge procession sets off. This annual spectacle known as St. George’s Parade (Georgi-Ritt) draws men and women from Traunstein and the surrounding area, who dress in medieval-style costumes and decorate their horses accordingly. The herald dons a suit of armor, there are knights in historical garb, while other men wear leather jerkins, white shirts, waistcoats and wide-brimmed hats. The women are dressed as castle maidens or wear traditional Bavarian garments. Decorated horse-drawn carriages are reserved for local dignitaries, such as the mayor, the pastor and the district council representative.
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