Martin Klein new album from Vienna

martin_klein-tracks_for_my_keyboardsCheck out Martin Klein, singer songwriter from Vienna who just released his second album to rave reviews. His talent makes it possible to have a clear approach to music and wonderful piano melodies that produces dreamy, timeless songs. Enjoy:

Martin Klein – Vienne (Luma.Launisch Video) from Luma.Launisch on Vimeo.

The artist about himself:
“My friends sometimes ask me, “Martin! What is your central theme? Do you write songs, or do you make free jazz or produce crazy electro tunes?”
The central theme is me: Martin Klein, born on June 22, 1983 in Innsbruck, Europe, Planet Earth. When I look at my musical output today, I am very happy that I never gave myself a pseudonym. Therefore you can find at least one central theme in my musical output: my boring name.

So here you go: My name is Martin Wolfgang Werner Klein. I live in Vienna. I make music. I love music. The music on this record comes from the bottom of my heart. I recorded this stuff with my Loop Station. These tracks are not programmed. I played every single note with my old keyboards or with my old and grumpy cello and sang a couple of lines over it. All tracks were composed and recorded in my flat during the last five years. I did not mix or master these tracks, because in my opinion mixing and mastering is not so important. I like dirty punk music. I produced this record on my own because I wanted to finish these crazy electro-ideas alone. I printed 300 copies with the last remaining money I found in my banking account. Manuel Platzer did the great artwork. I don’t expect that any radio station will ever play these tracks or that I will sell a lot of copies of this record. I’m not in the mood to send this CD to many music journalists. I made this CD for myself, and to finish my ideas.”